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Transfer Credits for Prospective Students

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Transfer Credit Evaluation

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In order to receive an evaluation or to discuss the transferability of your coursework at a previous institution, you must be accepted as a Kean University student.   If you are a potential student interested in learning about how your credits may be applied to a degree at Kean University, please refer to the Prospective Students section below.  Current students should visit our “Current and Newly Admitted Transfer Students” page found here.

Prospective Students

1.Have you earned credit at a N.J. community/county college?

a. For questions regarding the transferability of any courses taken at New Jersey's County Colleges, please visit

i.This site can be used in conjunction with Kean University’s curriculum guide sheets.

  1. Visit to find the guide sheet for your program.
  2. Visit to determine the Kean equivalents of your prior courses.
  3. Using the Kean guide sheet, determine how many credits will be used toward your new degree.

b. Are you or will you be a graduate of a N.J. community/county college at the time of your enrollment at Kean University?

i.Kean honors the NJ transfer law and related agreements on transferability of credits with an A.A. or A.S. degree. PLEASE NOTE: the law only applies to students enrolling at Kean for fall 2008 or later, who have completed an A.A. or A.S. degree in 2005 or later, in a major that is comparable to their major at Kean. Changing majors negates full transferability of credits. You can view the full agreement here:

ii.You must disclose on your application for admission that you will be earning an applicable degree if it has not been conferred by the time of submission. Failure to do so will result in an inaccurate evaluation of your credits. Additionally, updated transcripts must be sent to the Office of the Registrar in order for the credits to be officially awarded.

2. Kean University will accept a maximum of 92 transfer credits, including a maximum of 66 lower-division credits (i.e. all credits taken at two-year colleges and any lower-division credits taken at four-year institutions).

3. Students must take a minimum of 32 credits AND one half of the academic major credits at Kean in order to be eligible to receive a degree from Kean University. 

4. Course descriptions from institutions which do not participate in articulation agreements with Kean University can be compared to ours by viewing the current Undergraduate Catalog found at


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