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Faculty Advisors

Faculty Advisors

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Each newly accepted Transfer Student is required to receive advisement from a Faculty Advisor prior to course registration.  Simply send an email to the appropriate department contact below to schedule your appointment, and be sure to include your Kean Student ID #, major, and a contact number where you can be reached. 

Please also bring a printed copy of your Program Evaluation to your Advisement appointment.  Refer to step 3 under “Accepted Transfer Students” for instructions on how to view and print this from your KeanWISE Account.  Or, you may visit the One Stop Service Center on the first floor of the Administration building to obtain a copy of your program evaluation in advance of your Advisement appointment.

College of Business and Public Management Email Phone
Dean Michael Cooper mrcooper@kean.edu 908-737-4700
  Main Department cbpa@kean.edu 908-737-4700
Major Point of Contact Email Phone
Accounting Veysel Yucetepe vyucetep@kean.edu 908-737-4762
Criminal Justice James Drylie jdrylie@kean.edu 908-737-4216
Finance Veysel Yucetepe vyucetep@kean.edu 908-737-4762
Global Business Geofrey Mills gmills@kean.edu 908-737-4704
Management Shanggeun Rhee srhee@kean.edu 908-737-4207
Marketing Shanggeun Rhee srhee@kean.edu 908-737-4207
Public Administration (B.A./M.P.A. Dual Program James Drylie jdrylie@kean.edu 908-737-4216
Michael Graves College, School of Architecture Email Phone
  Main Department architecture@kean.edu 908-737-4770
Program Point of Contact Email Phone
Architectural Studies Rose Gonnella rgonnell@kean.edu 908-737-4752
Michael Graves College, Robert Busch School of Design Email Phone
  Main Department   908-737-4740
Major Point of Contact Email Phone
Graphic Design Rose Gonnella rgonnell@kean.edu 908-737-4752
Industrial Design Rose Gonnella rgonnell@kean.edu 908-737-4752
Interior Design Rose Gonnella rgonnell@kean.edu 908-737-4752
College of Education Email Phone
Acting Dean Anthony Pittman apittman@kean.edu 908-737-3758
  Main Department coe@kean.edu 908-737-3750
Major Point of Contact Email Phone
Athletic Training Ray DiVirgilio divirgir@kean.edu 908-737-0663
Early Childhood Education/Family Studies Education Dina Rosen drosen@kean.edu 908-737-3779
Elementary Education Pat Ippolito pippolit@kean.edu 908-737-3904
Elementary Education/Bilingual Gail Verdi gverdi@kean.edu 908-737-3908
K-6, 5-8 Education George Kolodiy gkolodiy@kean.edu 908-737-4013
Secondary Education Linda Cahir lcahir@kean.edu 908-737-4008
World Languages Pablo Pintado-Casas pcasas@kean.edu 908-737-3958
Physical Education: Global Fitness and Wellness Walter Andzel wandzel@kean.edu 908-737-0662
Physical Education: Physical Education and Health Teacher Certification Joshua Palgi  jpalgi@kean.edu  908-737-0653
Physical Education: Physical Education and Health Teacher Certification Lisa Szekeres szekerel@kean.edu 908-737-0657
Recreation Administration Fran Stavola Daly fdaly@kean.edu 908-737-3812
Teacher of Students with Disabilities      
Executive Director  Joan Kastner jkastner@kean.edu 908-737-3942
Coordinator Barbara Lee blee@kean.edu 908-737-3860
Nathan Weiss Graduate College      
Communication Disorders & Deafness Martin Shulman mshulman@kean.edu 908-737-5802
College of Natural and Applied Health Sciences Email Phone
Dean George Chang gchang@kean.edu 908-737-3570
  Main Department nahs@kean.edu 908-737-3600
Major Point of Contact Email Phone
Biological Sciences Kim Spaccarotella kspaccar@kean.edu 908-737-3742
Biological Sciences-Environmental Biology Daniela Shebitz dshebitz@kean.edu 908-737-3745
Chemistry Matt Mongelli mmongell@kean.edu 908-737-3630
Computer Science Patricia Morreale pmorreal@kean.edu 908-737-4254
Earth Science Feng Qi fqi@kean.edu 908-737-3702
Health Information Management Roxie James rjames@kean.edu 908-737-3662
Information Technology Patricia Morreale pmorreal@kean.edu 908-737-4254
Mathematical Sciences Louis Beaugris lbeaugri@kean.edu 908-737-3707
Medical Technology Roxie James rjames@kean.edu 908-737-3662
Nursing Joan Valas jvalas@kean.edu 908-737-3385
Physician Assistant (with Rutgers) Patrick Field pfield@kean.edu 908-737-3667
Sustainability Science Daniela Shebitz dshebitz@kean.edu 908-737-3745
College of Humanities and Social Sciences Email Phone
Dean Suzanne Bousquet sbousque@kean.edu 908-737-0437
  Main Department   908-737-0430
Major Point of Contact Email Phone
Asian Studies Johnathan Mercantini jmercant@kean.edu 908-737-0258
Communication Jack Sargent jsargent@kean.edu 908-737-0467
Economics Suzanne Bousquet sbousque@kean.edu 908-737-0437
English Charles Nelson   cnelson@kean.edu          908-737-0393
History Johnathan Mercantini jmercant@kean.edu 908-737-0258
Political Science Robert Hunt rhunt@kean.edu 908-737-3994
Psychology Charles Boateng cboateng@kean.edu 908-737-3997
Verneda Baugh vbaugh@kean.edu 908-737-5874
Psychology/Psychiatric Rehabilitation Verneda Baugh vbaugh@kean.edu 908-737-5874
Sociology/Anthropology Julia Nevarez jnevarez@kean.edu 908-737-4058
Undecided / General Studies Karin Beck kbeck@kean.edu 908-737-0333
College of Visual and Performing Arts Email Phone
Acting Dean Dr. Suzanne Bousquet sbousquet@kean.edu 908-737-0430
  Main Department cvpa@kean.edu 908-737-0430
Major Point of Contact Email Phone
Art Education with Art Teaching Certification Jennifer Crupi jcrupi@kean.edu 908-737-4384
Art History Jennifer Crupi jcrupi@kean.edu 908-737-4384
Fine Arts Jennifer Crupi jcrupi@kean.edu 908-737-4384
Music Lynn Schraer-Joiner lschraer@kean.edu 908-737-4345
Music Education Lynn Schraer-Joiner lschraer@kean.edu 908-737-4345
Music Performance with an Emphasis in Pedagogy Lynn Schraer-Joiner lschraer@kean.edu 908-737-4345
Studio Art Jennifer Crupi jcrupi@kean.edu 908-737-4394
Theatre Holly Logue hlogue@kean.edu 908-737-4428
Theatre and Theatre Education Holly Logue hlogue@kean.edu 908-737-4428
New Jersey Center for Science Technology and Mathematics Email Phone
Dean Keith Bostian kbostian@kean.edu 908-737-7207
  Main Department njcste@kean.edu 908-737-7200

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