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Kean University started building ties with the country in 1998, when the university enrolled close to 200 public officials, mostly from Zhejiang Province, in a Kean master’s degree program in public administration. Over the years, Kean staff members have visited China 10 times, with President Dawood Farahi making two visits himself

The City of Wenzhou, Wenzhou University and Zhejiang Province selected Kean University as its partner because of that longstanding relationship. Two classes each of 25 Wenzhou officials traveled to Kean University since then and spent 15 months earning Master of Public Administration degrees. These same officials had risen in government positions in the province and reached out to Kean to establish the full University campus in Wenzhou.

On May 8, 2006 Kean University President Dawood Farahi and a Chinese education department official signed the documents that would permit the construction of Kean University in China at a formal ceremony on Kean's Union Township campus. 

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