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Social Work - Extended Option (M.S.W.)

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Social Work - Extended Option (M.S.W.)

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The Master of Social Work-Three Year Extended Full Time Program is an option for students who anticipate taking three years to complete course work.  The three year extended program is  not a part-time program.  In the first year of study, no field experience is required. This allows working students to arrange with their employers to bank sick time or vacation time in their first year to be able to devote 2 full-days of field internship in their second year and three full days of field internship in their third year.  Under this program, its mandatory to take 9 semester credit courses as a full-time students. Students admitted to the three year Extended Study MSW program should complete sixty credits of course work over a three-year academic period during the Fall and Spring semesters respectively.  This program includes four semesters of Field Education.  Students will complete two semesters at one agency during the second academic year (2 days per week) and two semesters at a different agency setting in the third academic year (3 days per week).  Work study arrangements are possible in the third year with the approval of the Clinical Coordinator of Field and the MSW Program Director.  Successful completion of all four field education courses is required for graduation from the program. 

For a complete list of course descriptions and degree requirements, click here.

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