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Counseling - School Counseling (M.A.) and LPC Qualification

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Nathan Weiss Graduate College

Counseling - School Counseling LPC Qualification and (M.A.)

The 60 credit Master of Arts in Counseling, combined school counseling and LPC option will provide students with the coursework required by the New Jersey Department of Education to qualify for a school counseling certificate for K -12 schools, as well as the coursework necessary for students to meet the 60 credit licensed professional counselor (LPC) coursework distribution.  As an LPC (more likely Licensed Associate Counselor since you will not have the requisite number of supervised clinical hours) students will be able to work in community organizations, counseling and mental health centers, hospitals, private for profit centers and counseling practices while working under supervision to complete the 4,500 supervised clinical hours.  The School Counseling part of this option is CACREP accredited; however, this option does not meet the Clinical Mental Health Counseling requirement to work in the Veteran's Administration,  or Department of Defense.

For a complete list of course descriptions and degree requirements, click here.


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