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The Depths of the Global Water Crisis

Human Rights Institute Conference at Kean University

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Turning on the tap and getting clean water to quench our thirst, wash our bodies and cook our food cannot be taken for granted. The United Nations has declared that access to safe and sanitary water is an inalienable human right, yet more than one in 10 people around the world—about 663 million people—lack access to sanitary water. This global crisis is evident in communities facing contamination, infrastructure problems and water scarcity locally and around the world. Together, we can end this threat to human survival.

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Ending Legal Injustices through Art and Activism Conference at Kean University

Ending Legal Injustices through Art and Activism

Using artworks from The Art of Influence: Breaking Criminal Traditions exhibition in the Human Rights Institute at Kean University Gallery as a foundation for dialog, the Ending Legal Injustices conference examined critical issues of human rights violations that are still legal in the United States and abroad. Speakers included New Jersey State Senator Raymond J. Lesniak and other change makers from local and national organizations.

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The Human Rights Institute at Kean University will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2017. Click on the video below to watch a retrospective of the Human Rights Institute over the last decade. 

To view the introduction videos for each Human Rights Institute Conference, click on the respective title. 

2016 Locked Up in America: The Business of Incarceration
2015 Well Beings: The Human Rights Healthcare
2014 Out of the Ashes: Rebuilding Lives and Communities Postwar
2013 #ENOUGH! Affecting Change from the Front Lines to Your News Feed
2012 Creating Opportunity through Education: Empowering Women to Combat Oppression
2011 Immigration: A Melting Pot No More? 
2010 Combating Hatred
2009 Slavery in the 21st Century
2008 Darfur: The First Genocide of the 21st Century

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