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Lecture Series

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Holocaust Resource Center (HRC)

Lecture Series

One of the Center's most dynamic endeavors has been its annual free lecture series, which has attracted thousands of people to the University's campus. The composition of the audience is varied; in attendance are high school, undergraduate and graduate students as well as college faculty and community residents.

Guest lecturers have included scholars, theologians, and dignitaries such as:

  • Nobel Prize Laureate Elie Wiesel
  • Israel's Chief Rabbi Israel M. Lau
  • Actor Robert Clary
  • Yehuda Bauer
  • Raul Hilberg
  • Christopher Browning
  • Yaffa Eliach
  • Daniel Goldhagen
  • Lawrence Langer
  • Sister Rose Thering
  • David Wyman
  • Jan Karski
  • Ian Kershaw
  • Robert Jan van Pelt
  • Sir Martin Gilbert
  • Michael Berenbaum
  • Peter Hayes
  • Hubert Locke
  • Deborah Dwork
  • Harry Reicher
  • Jan Gross
  • Franklin Littel
  • Leon Bass
  • Gerda Weissman Klein
  • Deborah Lipstadt

The experiences of all lecturers have been videotaped and are available through the HRC Library.


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