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College of Visual and Performing Arts

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Degrees and Programs

College of Visual & Performing Arts

The College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA) houses the departments of Fine Arts, Music and Theatre.

Within CVPA there exists a community of artists, teachers, scholars and students working together to foster an environment that promotes creativity and innovation. Under the guidance of a dedicated, practicing faculty, each student in the arts is afforded opportunities for discovery and both personal and professional growth. CVPA courses recognize the intrinsic value of the arts to society. Our departments offer a wide variety of professional, practical, and performance-based programs with emphasis placed on a strong liberal arts component.

Artists are unique individuals, and the College of Visual and Performing Arts strives to cultivate each student’s special talents. Admission to our programs is competitive, with each department setting its own admissions standards. Candidates are evaluated based on their capacity to explore, inquire and create. College of Visual and Performing Arts faculty are dedicated to collaboration, diversity and an open inter-disciplinary exchange of ideas. Kean’s proximity to New York City facilitates relationships with and visits from well-known artists, musicians, and actors.  Enriching lectures, demonstrations, and master classes are frequently offered.

A vital element of the educational experience in Visual and Performing Arts at Kean is the cultural programming the school provides. The Conservatory of Music offers a spectacular concert series. Kean’s theaters stage both student and professional productions and the University’s art galleries house new exhibits monthly. The College of Visual and Performing Arts is committed to making the arts an integral part of campus life at Kean and increasing their visibility, accessibility and appreciation throughout the region.

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