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The mission of the Chemistry Department, in support of and aligned with the missions of the University and College, is to offer major programs for those students wishing to concentrate their undergraduate studies in the field of chemistry.  A program certified by the Committee on Professional Training of the American Chemical Society (ACS) is offered for those students wishing to undertake graduate study in chemistry, enter professional schools or who wish to seek employment as chemists upon graduation.  Our courses allow students to engage in new and current technologies and to develop research skills through our undergraduate research program.

The Department of Chemistry recognizes its obligation to guide its students to think analytically, critically and creatively through qualitative and quantitative reasoning in our discipline-based courses.  The five basic Chemistry subdisciplines are introduced and reinforced with an integrated approach of laboratory, in silico, and classroom learning.  By the end of the program, students will have a firm integrated understanding of basic chemical principles as demonstrated through a primary literature review, written comprehensive thesis and scientifically accurate presentation.

Degree Program for Chemistry

  • B.A. in Chemistry / General Option 
  • B.S. in Chemistry / Expanded Option-ACS Certified 
  • B.S. in Chemistry / Chemical Instrumentation Option-ACS Certified 
  • B.A. in Chemistry / Technical Sales and Marketing Option 
  • B.A. in Chemistry / Teacher Certification, K-12 Chemistry 

For a complete list of course descriptions and degree requirements, click here.

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