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School of Natural Sciences

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School of Natural Sciences

Welcome to the School of Natural Sciences (SONS) where academic and research programs foster an environment of excellence in student achievement. Faculty and students in SONS are interested in understanding the physical and natural world.  Advances in biology, chemistry, earth sciences, mathematics, and physics promise solutions to many of humankind's most pressing problems -- from fighting disease to creating sustainable energy sources. Our faculty and staff have decades of experience in helping our graduates to succeed as teachers, health-care professionals and research scientists.  We work together to achieve student success and maximize learning potentials.

Our main goal is to prepare students to have an explicit understanding of physical, chemical, and biological processes, and to think critically and creatively so that they can adapt to changing social, economic and technological conditions as well as changes in the health care industry.  Our external collaborations with K-12 schools, major technological and environmental corporations and the health care community provide valuable services to the community and important opportunities for our students. The School of Natural Sciences includes both resident and Kean/Ocean faculty of Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physics.  We provide training and experiences within sixteen (16) resident programs; seven (7) joint programs in the Health-Related professions; and three (3) programs at Kean/Ocean." Our mission is centered on a commitment to teaching and learning excellence in the natural and physical sciences.

The School offers programs in areas from Biological Sciences, Earth Sciences, Chemistry/Physics and preparing students for the pre health-related professions.  Our graduates can be found working in industry, teaching in K-12 schools, practicing in healthcare facilities, or furthering their education at postgraduate levels.

Medical Technology

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