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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What can I do with a degree in Sociology?

Sociology BA Advisement Information

  • Is it necessary for me to go to graduate school if I have a degree in Sociology?

In today’s society, a graduate degree improves your overall income and job satisfaction. It is highly encouraged that you continue to graduate school. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep a high GPA for your Bachelor’s Degree.  Even if you are undecided about continuing to graduate school after your Bachelor’s, keep that door open for the future with a strong GPA.

  • What are the requirements for graduation?

124 Credits. Completion of all courses and credits required for the major. Consider a Minor in Psychology, Criminal Justice, Women’s Studies, Latin American Studies, and Africana Studies. These can be easily accommodated in your free electives. 

Make sure that you meet your advisor frequently and bring a filled out copy of the Sociology Guide Sheet and a current program evaluation.

Sociology Guide Sheet

  • What is the proper procedure to apply for graduation,  including forms, signatures, and fees?            

Visit the Registrar’s Office and Request a Graduation Application, fill out the Graduation Application, fill out the Sociology Guide Sheet and meet with your Sociology Advisor for Review, bring the Graduation Application and Sociology Guide Sheet to the Sociology Coordinator to sign. Graduation Application Fee is $100.

 Copy of Graduation Application

Find relevant information regarding graduation here: Office of the Registrar Graduation Information

  • What can I do to ensure that my transfer credits have been accurately recorded?

Visit the Registrar’s Office.

  •  What are the requirements for a Minor in Sociology?

Introduction to Sociology (Soc 1000), two (2) Sociology courses at the 2000 level, and three (3) Sociology courses at the 3000-4000 level. Refer to the Sociology Program Coordinator for Minor requirements advisement and to sign Minor Form upon completion.

Sociology Minor Form

  • How do I go about changing my major to Sociology?

Submit to the Registrar’s Office a signed Change of Major Form by the Program Coordinator.

Change of Major Form

  • Can I still graduate in May if I have credits left to complete in the Summer

There are a few online courses in Sociology available to our students. You will need to fill out the Online Course Petition form and approved by the Sociology Coordinator.

Online Course Petition Form



Students are allowed as many as twelve  (12) credits in the Summer after an official graduation in May and to walk in the graduation ceremony.

  • How many credits can I take in the Winter Session?

Up to three (3) credits can be taken during the Winter Session

  • Is an internship required for graduating with a degree in Sociology?

It is not. But we highly encourage our students to seek a Sociology faculty member to supervise your Internship if you are interested in obtaining valuable professional experience in a setting that otherwise might not employ you due to lack of experience.

Internship Contract Form

  • Do we provide students with a list of internships?

Not necessarily. We offer suggestions but encourage our students to think about an ideal professional setting where they would like to work and obtain information of possible settings that are convenient to the students’ daily commute. We encourage students to identify suitable opportunities which are then approved by the Sociology Faculty and/or Sociology Program Coordinator in their capacity of academic supervisor.

  • What are the requirements for an Independent Study?

A content topic to which a faculty member can supervise towards the completion of the Sociology content areas.

Independent Study Form

  • When can I take the Senior Seminar (Soc 4600)?

Preferably the semester before last. It is a research-oriented demanding course.

  • How  and when do I apply for membership in the Sociology Honor Society, AKD?

Notices are sent out at the end of February to all students deemed eligible based on the Registrar’s records.  Undergraduate juniors and seniors must have an overall GPA of 3.3 and a Sociology GPA of 3.5.  

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