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Our Sociology faculty is committed to provide our students with the most supportive classroom environment where they can flourish as critical thinkers who respect and grow from diversity. Our classroom atmosphere is distinguished by deep reflexive practices, welcoming of creative thinking and the opportunity to understand the complexity of our own social positions and that of others. The ability to understand different perspectives and experiences is nourished in classroom environment that respects free speech and intelligent arguments with equal participation.



Sociology Coordinator - Julia Nevarez obtained her PH.D. in Environmental Psychology. Her areas of research include urban sociology, urban theory, urban development, globalization, public space, sustainability, climate change, and digital culture. In Dr. Julia Nevarez' upcoming book: “Governing Disaster in Urban Environments: Climate Change Preparation and Adaption after Hurricane Sandy,” Dr. Nevarez is intrigued by the necessary adaptation processes required to fully comprehend the challenges of a climate that is producing extreme impacts and the need to redefine our relationship to nature in communities of solidarity. She sees her teaching, research, and service as fluid activities whose outcomes positively impact students’ learning about our current society. Her next book: The Urban Library: Public Space and Urban Developmentwill expand her explorations and analysis of libraries as public space to serve the needs of communities and impact the way neighborhoods in cities develop. She was also the main editor of the 2009 book  “On global grounds: Urban change and globalization.

Kean USA Union J-103H /

Courses: Senior Seminar, Sociology Capstone Course (SOC 4600), Urban Sociology (SOC 3150), Qualitative Methods of Social Research (SOC 3052). 

Celene Krauss is a Professor of Sociology who has lectured and written extensively on women in the movement for environmental justice.  Her work develops a comparative approach for understanding the leadership role of African American, Native American, and white working class women environmental activists. Her articles have appeared in journals in sociology and in books on environmental justice.  Dr. Celene Krauss is a feminist ecologist who focuses on understanding how environmental racism impacts race, gender and ethnicity. She currently studies the important role of Native American Women as leaders of Environmental Protests. Her work remains a classical contribution to environmental sociology.

Kean USA Union J-104F /

Courses: Senior Seminar, Capstone Course in Sociology (SOC 4600), Gender and Society (SOC 4301), Environment and Society (SOC 3420).

Sid Langer obtained his bachelor's degree in psychology, masters and PhD degrees in Sociology. His area of specialization is criminology and the areas of  study include deviance and the sociology of extreme situations. His most recent edited volume is From slavery to 9/11:readings in the sociology and social psychology of extreme situations.”   

Kean USA Union J-104G /

Courses: Sociology of Deviance (SOC 4700), Crime and Delinquency (SOC 2710), Introduction to Sociology (SOC 1000).

James Gamvas obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and a Master’s Degree in Sociology and Social Justice. His area of specialization is forms of oppression and areas of study include oppression, environmental justice and qualitative research methods.

Kean USA Ocean, Gateway 419 /

Courses: Urban Sociology (SOC 3150), Development of Sociological Theory (SOC 3050), Methods of Social Research (SOC 2052).

Kean USA Union J-103Q /

Melodie M. Toby holds a BBA in Accounting and Financial Management (Pace University), MBA in Finance and International Business (Harvard University) and an MPhil, PhD in Religion and Society (Drew University) with a concentration in Business Ethics. Her research areas include History of Education of African Americans, Religion and Society,  Social Entrepreneurship, and Social Inequality. 

Kean USA Union J-104C /

Courses: Social Inequality inn America (SOC 3350), Introduction to Social Justice (SOC 2000), Introduction to Sociology (SOC 1000). 

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