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B.A. in Psychology with Honors

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B.A. in Psychology with Honors

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B.A. in Psychology with Honors 

Looking for a challenge?  Consider the honors courses in Psychology.

Registering for honors courses is an excellent way to not only challenge yourself but to also demonstrate to employers and graduate admissions committees your commitment and dedication to your academic pursuits.

 Space is limited for these courses and students must get an approved petition from the faculty member teaching the course in order to register.   Students must meet a minimum GPA requirement and meet with the faculty member to be considered for the course.  Prerequisites are the same as for the regular offerings of these courses.

(Course offerings are contingent upon adequate student enrollment)

Courses Offered

 PSY4205 - Honors Tests and Measurements - Offered in the fall semester

The following 2 courses are offered as a yearlong sequence and must be taken in sequence.  Students who have already taken PSY4230 - Experimental Psychology cannot register for PSY4945 - Honors Senior Seminar.  Likewise, students who have already taken PSY4940-Senior Seminar cannot register for PSY4235-Honors Experimental Psychology.

PSY4235 - Honors Experimental Psychology - Offered in the fall semester

PSY4945 - Honors Senior Seminar - Offered in the spring semester


Honors General Psychology will be offered beginning Fall 2015.  Students must meet minimum requirements based on high school GPA, SAT, and/or ACT scores.

 PSY1005 - Honors General Psychology     

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