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Extracurricular life as an English major is rich and extensive. The School of English Studies sponsors the honor society Sigma Tau Delta and other groups which help organize such activities as theater trips to New York, student symposiums, and visits by distinguished writers. Outlets for student writing are readily available through Creation Space, a student literary magazine, and website sponsored by the School of English Studies.

  • Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society: Sigma Tau Delta's central purpose is to confer distinction for achievement in all areas of the English discipline while promoting high standards in character and fellowship among members.
  • Blank Slate Literary MagazineBlank Slate is a way for students to channel their creative works such as their poetry, prose, and art throughout the university. It is an annual literary magazine that is available in the English Department and the Fine Arts Department. The magazine is also available to read online. 
  • The Poetry Club: We are here to create with you. We are here to learn with you. We are here to explore with you. We are on behalf of the words we never said. We are the caged birds that sing. Hear our songs.

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