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Studio Art

About BFA Studio Art

The BFA Studio Art degree program prepares graduates to be professional artists.  It provides for in-depth specialization in a selected studio area and is based upon the breadth of knowledge provided through a liberal arts background combined with a studio arts and art history foundation. This program of study emphasizes personal growth in the critical, creative, technical and professional aspects of the field and also aims to develop student’s skills in critical thinking, oral, and written communication. In addition, the BFA Studio Art serves as preparation for graduate study and for related careers in the arts.

Concentrations are available in:
• Painting/Drawing
• Illustration
• Printmaking / Book Arts
• Furniture/Woodworking
• Ceramics
• Metals/Jewelry
• Computer /Video Art

Admissions requirements:

Freshman and transfer students applying for our Fine Arts BFA programs are required to submit a portfolio of 10-15 samples of their work including sketches,observational drawing and works in color. Three-dimensional work, photographs, prints, digital work or mixed media may also be included.

Portfolios are to be submitted digitally via SlideRoom.

Students who are accepted into this degree program at the time of the portfolio review are given “provisional” status. Provisional B.F.A. majors must maintain a 3.0 GPA in Fine Arts and Art History courses. After completion of at least 30 s.h. in Fine Arts and Art History courses, all provisional B.F.A. majors must successfully complete a second portfolio review process in order to attain “fully admitted” status.

Program Guidesheet

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