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Fine Arts (BA & Minor)

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School of Fine and Performing Arts

Fine Arts (BA & Minor)

The B.A. in Fine Arts is liberal arts major providing a background in studio art including study in art history, studio foundations, and various applications of art. Additional skills developed in this program of study include the knowledge and appreciation of art and aesthetics, oral and written communication, creative and critical thinking, and cultural awareness and sensitivity.

The major includes 42 credits of art courses including 12 credits of major electives selected from one of three areas:
• Two-dimensional media (drawing , painting, printmaking)
• Three-dimensional media (sculpture, ceramics, furniture, metals)
• Digital media (video, computer art, photography)

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Fine Art Minor


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The Fine Arts 18 credit minor allows students from across Kean University’s diverse student body to develop skills and concepts in the studio arts beyond the introductory level. Students will learn the use of various tools and materials, while integrating visual and theoretical concepts. The minor also allows for personal growth in the creative, technical and professional aspects of the studio arts. In addition to basic courses, students can select classes in any of our Fine Arts concentration areas such as drawing/painting, sculpture, printmaking, papermaking/book arts, illustration, electronic media, photography, ceramics, woodworking, and metals.

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