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Praxis Resource Center


The PRC phone number is 908-737-3880

Intensive Praxis I and II Review -- Check the Dean's Office (HH 443) for the full schedules of these multiple subject Elementary Education Review Sessions

Praxis II Prep for English Majors -- 4:30 to 7:15 most Tuesdays in CAS 315--for more info and other dates, contact Prof. Kim Kiefer at:

For Praxis I Math Tutoring -- contact Jackie Langley in CAS at

For History Majors -- contact the History Department regarding the course HIST 3000

For the Math Review Sessions Schedule -- contact Dr. Ray Viglione at:

Kean University Library Reference Materials for Praxis Preparation

If you suffer from severe test anxiety, please contact the Counseling Department at: 908-737-4850 or visit the Counseling Center at DN-127.


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