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Recreation Administration

Recreation Administration

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Program Mission

The Recreation Administration Program’s Mission Statement defines the purpose of the program and provides a conceptual framework for the degree. The statement reflects the Kean University mission in its primary intent “to prepare students to be active and contributing members of society” and to help make society better. Additionally, the RA’s mission is to graduate students who “think critically”, are problem solvers, and who understand and apply technology in a responsible and ethical manner.     

The RA mission statement indicates the pivotal role that Recreation and Leisure services and professionals play in the promotion of healthy lifestyles for all individuals.  It identifies that Recreation practitioners have the responsibility to promote a more inclusive society, respect diversity and advocate for people with disabilities and other marginalized groups. It emphasizes the need for all students to act in a socially responsible manner and to embrace lifelong learning as a key to being active and engaged professionals.

The Recreation Administration Program is student centered and provides students with a supportive environment designed to foster academic success and personal growth.

Description of Program

The Recreation Administration Program at Kean University is in the School of Health and Human Performance in the College of Education. Students who graduate from the program receive a B.A. degree in Recreation Administration with specialization in one of the following options:

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