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P-3 Alternate Route Pre-service Workshop at Kean University

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Alternate Route Pre-service Workshop at Kean University

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Below is pertinent information related to the 50-Hour Workshop.

Bridge Course:  Upgrading your P-3 24-Hour Certificate

Do you need to upgrade your P-3 24-Hour Certificate to a 50-Hour Certificate? This bridge program is designed for participants who have completed the P-3 24-hour workshop (at Kean University) and wish to upgrade to a 50-hour certificate. You will earn the additional 26 hours needed by: conducting a 20-hour field experience; preparing and delivering a lesson plan; writing a field experience reflection, and keeping an activity log. There is no fee for this program (Kean University Students only). If you hold a provisional license, you do not need to take the Bridge Program.

50-Hour Pre-Service Workshop

Cost: $350

Requirements: Bachelor's Degree, CE, 3.0 GPA (If you graduated prior to 2016--GPA of 2.75.)

Introduction to teaching:  This is a zero credit (fee-based) course. Thirty hours of the program are completed as a face-to-face instructional course.  Topics for the 50-hour pre-service program will be presented through lectures, webinars, blackboard, and online courses. The 30-hour component of this program will take place over two consecutive weekends. The topics covered during the instructional time include:

            • Classroom Management

            • Lesson Planning

            • Assessment

            • Working with Diverse Learners

            • Professional Dispositions

            • Introduction to edTPA

            • Review of Licensing for Alternate Route

            • NJ Professional Standards

            • Literacy Instruction

            • History of Education

            • Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences

            • Differentiated Instruction

            • Cooperative Learning

            • Home Schooling

            • Teaching Tolerance

            • HIB

            • PBSIS

            • Technology

            • Intake Teacher Readiness Questionnaire

 Additionally, all candidates will complete a 20-hour clinical experience which will be composed of:  10 hours of structured academic tutoring (1-1 direct instruction or small group instruction) and 10 hours placed in a Kean PDS assigned to a cooperating teacher providing direct instruction to small groups and co-teaching when appropriate.  You may only participate in the 50-Hour Program if you are participating in Kean's Alternate Route Program.

Flexibility will be given to candidates who prefer to complete 20 hours in a Kean PDS with a cooperating teacher due to scheduling conflicts, in lieu of completing the tutoring opportunity.  For further information, please contact Liz Satchell:

Click on the following link for required courses for P-3 Alternate Route Program:

For additional information, click on the links below:

Click on this link to see new requirements for Teacher Preparation Program Entry and Teacher Certification N.J.A.C. 6A: 9-8.1(a) and 6A: 9-10.1(d, g)


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