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School of Management & Marketing Mission and SLOs

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School of Management & Marketing

School of Management & Marketing Mission and SLOs

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School of Management & Marketing

College of Business & Public Management



We provide a diverse student body with a solid educational foundation for careers in business and for personal growth. Consistent with this mission, we are committed to:

• Teaching & Learning that develop the requisite knowledge, skills, and attitudes for career success.

• Faculty scholarship that contributes to advances in pedagogy and professional practice.

• Comprehensive services that effectively support students’ educational experience, career planning, and personal growth.

• Community partnerships that benefit our students’ and faculty’s professional development.

• A professional environment that is characterized by a culture of celebrated excellence and mutual respect

• Holding ourselves, and our students, to the highest professional and ethical standards.

BS in Marketing, BS in Management Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Students who graduate with a BS in Marketing & Management will:

SLO1: Communicate effectively

SLO2: Utilize business technologies to access, analyze and communicate business information.

SLO3: Use concepts and techniques from business disciplines to evaluate and solve business problems.

SLO4: Know the code of conduct and the ethical issues germane to business.

SLO5: Know how the domestic practice in their discipline differs from international practice.

SLO6: Know the key concepts in all major business disciplines.

SLO7: Have in-depth knowledge of their discipline.

* KU Student Outcomes: Kean University graduates should be able to:

1. Think critically, creatively and globally;

2. Adapt to changing social, economic, and technological environments;

3. Serve as active and contributing members of their communities; and

4. Advance their knowledge in the traditional disciplines (GE) and enhance their skills in professional areas (Prof. pgms)

**General Education Student Learning Outcomes

Knowledge: Students will demonstrate proficiency in knowledge and content by:

(K1) applying the scientific method to comprehend natural concepts and processes;

(K2) evaluating major theories and concepts in social sciences;

(K3) relating historical references to literature; and

(K4) evaluating major theories and concepts in the fine arts.

Skills: Students will demonstrate the skills necessary to:

(S1) write to communicate and clarify learning ;

(S2) communicate effectively through speech;

(S3) solve problems using quantitative reasoning;

(S4) think critically about concepts in multiple disciplines; and

(S5) show information literacy.

ValuesStudents will demonstrate personal, social and ethical responsibility as a part of lifelong learning through:
(V1) personal responsibility;
(V2) ethical & social responsibility;
(V3) active in social & civic engagement;
(V4) respect for diverse culture; and
(V5) lifelong learning 

For a complete list of course descriptions and degree requirements, click here.

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