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School of Management, Marketing & International Business



Marketing focuses on understanding, targeting and satisfying consumer markets on a global scale by offering superior value, innovation, and relationships. Students learn how to benefit from local, national, and global market opportunities and trends through the conception and implementation of well-differentiated marketing tactics and strategies.

The major in Marketing emphasizes the knowledge, skills, creativity, and strategies necessary for effective performance in the functional areas of marketing such as product development, branding, market research, distribution, pricing, and promotion. The required courses are designed to demonstrate the interaction of the social, economic, demographic, cultural, and global environments and its effect on the successful managing of an organization’s marketing strategies. The marketing electives offer an opportunity for students to choose areas of more specialized knowledge according to their interests and career goals.

Career Paths

The Marketing program empowers students to pursue career opportunities in a broad range of fields including brand management, advertising, public relations, marketing communications, media, market research, retailing and logistics, international trade and marketing, sales management, client relations, E-business, social media, sports and entertainment, leisure, hospitality and tourism, event planning, consulting, entrepreneurial ventures, and non-profit organizations.

B.S. In Marketing

Supply Chain and Information Management Option

The Supply Chain and Information Management Option curriculum is designed to build core skills necessary for future managers in creating, managing and moving goods, services, and information among the parties including suppliers, employees, and customers within a firm and across organizations. Students will learn best practices in information technology management and supply chain management. Multinational companies attribute their success in global distribution and logistics to excellence in supply chain and information management, including the application of cutting-edge software. Business demand for graduates from this field is strong. Typical jobs in this area include project managers, operations managers, supply chain managers, quality managers and systems, and business analysts.

Management of Organizations Option

The Management of Organizations Option curriculum is designed to build core skills necessary for future managers in human resources, personnel management, and employment practices. The Management of Organizations program at Kean University seeks to to prepare students for managerial leadership roles in local, national, and global organizations by applying technical, human, conceptual, and strategic skills. Typical jobs in this area include human resource managers, personnel managers, employment practices managers, benefit managers, training managers, and non-profit organization administrators.

For a complete list of course descriptions and degree requirements, click here.

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