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University Planning Council


University Planning Council

MEMBERSHIP 2017 – 2018

Suzanne Bousquet
Associate Provost

Chad Austein
Executive Director, Enrollment Management Operations


Mukul Acharya
Accreditation and Assessment 

Jessica Adams
Executive Director, Physical Education, Recreation and Health
Presidential Appointment

Andrew Brannen
Vice President for Administration and Finance

Matthew Caruso
Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the President

James Castiglione
KFT President; Associate Professor, Chemistry and Physics

Paul Croft
Presidential Appointment

Hailey Cruz
Student Representative

Leslie Dacosta
School of General Studies
University Senate Appointment

James Drylie
Executive Director, School of Criminal Justice and Public Administration
University Senate Appointment 

Rachel Evans
Theatre, College of Liberal Arts
University Senate Appointment

Mark Farsi
Director, Public Safety

Joe Gasparro
Facilities & Campus Planning
CWA Vice President

Patrick Ippolito
Associate Professor, Elementary Education & Bilingual Education
University Senate Chairperson

David Joiner
Associate Professor, NJ Center for STEM
University Senate Appointment

Audrey Kelly
President, Kean University Foundation
Chief of Staff, Office of the President

Steven Kubow
Acting Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Kean Ocean Campus

Barbara Lee
Associate Professor, Special Education & Literacy
University Senate Appointment

Alonso Losada
Associate Director, Facilities and Campus Planning Appointment

Robin Mansfield
Director, Health Services

Barry Mascari
Chairperson and Associate Professor, Department of Counselor Education
University Senate Appointment

Jonathan Mercantini
Acting Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Academic Affairs Appointment

Marsha McCarthy
Acting Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management

Margaret McCorry
Director of Media Relations
University Relations

David Mohney
Dean, Michael Graves College
University Senate Appointment

Janice Murray-Laury
Vice President of Student Affairs

Feng Qi
School of Environmental and Life Sciences
University Senate Appointment

Anthony Santora
Director, Information Technology

Bill Schroh, Jr.
Director of Museum Operations
Liberty Hall Museum
Presidential Appointment

Steven Shaffer
Department of History
KUAFF Appointed Representative

Shiji Shen
Director, Institutional Research
Ex Officio Member

Karen Smith
Vice President, University Relations

Jeffrey Toney
Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Felice Vazquez
Special Council, Office of the President

Karolina Wolfe
Accreditation and Assessment
Ex Officio Member




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