University Council Ethics Office


     To:   All Trustees, Officers and Employees

From:   Michael A. Tripodi, Esq.

 Ethics Liaison Officer

    Re:   Kean University Ethics Program

Date:    May 2011



As required by New Jersey law and regulation, all Kean University trustees, officers and employees must comply with certain ethical standards and guidelines. During September 2006, the New Jersey State Ethics Commission adopted a Uniform Ethics Code which governs the conduct of all State employees and officers, including Kean University Board of Trustee members, officers and employees. A copy of the Uniform Ethics Code is enclosed for your reference. The Uniform Ethics Code, with attachments, is also available at Please note that the Uniform Ethics Code replaces the Kean University Code of Ethics that was previously distributed to the University community.


In addition to the Uniform Ethics Code, the State Ethics Commission has adopted the enclosed Plain Language Guide to New Jersey’s Executive Branch Ethics Standards. New Jersey law requires that each Kean University trustee, officer and employee receive this guide and review the ethical principles, laws and rules contained therein.


To comply with the above requirements, each Kean University trustee, officer and employee must complete and sign the attached Acknowledgment of Receipt for the Uniform Ethics Code and Plain Language Guide to New Jersey’s Executive Branch Ethics and Disclosure of Outside Employment. Please return all completed and signed forms to Michael A. Tripodi, Esq., Ethics Liaison Officer, Kean Hall, Room K-117.


Plain Language Guide to Ethical Business Conduct for Kean University Vendors

Private sector vendors and other entities doing business with Kean University should familiarize themselves with the ethics standards and practices involved in potential business relationships with the University.

Please visit the Ethics Office Website at for undated information and web links. We encourage you to become familiar with this information and the State Web Site.


Any further inquiries regarding the Kean University Ethics Program may be directed to


Thank you for your anticipated cooperation in complying with the above requirements.

Michael A. Tripodi, Esq.

Ethics Liaison Officer
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