Roommate’s Bill of Rights

One of the biggest concerns residents anticipate is the relationship they will have with their new roommate(s). Open and honest communication helps maintain a positive relationship with one’s roommate(s). Residents are faced with the challenge of working on skills such as compromising, negotiating, and making adjustments that will affect other aspects of their personal and professional lives.

Following is the “Roommate’s Bill of Rights,” which is made available to every resident when he or she moves into the residence halls:

Reasonable undisturbed study time

Reasonable undisturbed sleep time

Respect for my belongings

A reasonably clean, healthful environment

Free access at all times to my building and room

Personal privacy

Guests who respect my roommate’s rights

Reasonable use of shared equipment, such as the telephone, lights and windows

Freedom from physical and emotional assault

Self-expression free from guilt or intimidation

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