Post Baccalaureate F-1 Applications

Steps for Graduate F-1 Applicants

Guide to Kean University Admission for International Students

As an international student interested in applying to Kean University, you must be aware of the admissions processes:
  • You need to apply for admission either online or by mail.
  • You must submit your academic credentials to the appropriate admissions office where you wish to apply.
  • Also, you need to provide all immigration documents the office of Undergraduate Admission.

Step 1: Application Process

Apply online! For more information, please visit:


Step 2: Submit Immigration Documents

As an F-1 applicant, you must submit all of the financial documents before an I-20 will be issued.

International Student Supplement for Students Abroad

International Student Supplement for Students in the U.S.

A complete packet should include the following:
The following documents must also be submitted if applicable:
  • Photocopy of most recent US visa
  • Photocopy of I-94 (front & back)
  • Request for F-1 Status Transfer Information (if transferring from another U.S. school)
  • Photocopy of all previous I-20 forms
  • Photocopy of all previous 2019 forms
  • Photocopy of all previous I-20 forms
  • Photocopy of all previous 2019 forms

Graduate applicants must send the immigration documents to: International Student Services, Kean University 1000 Morris Ave, CAS Rm. 121, Union, NJ 07083-0411


Step 3: Receive Admission Decision

International students who are offered admission to Kean University are required to remit the tuition deposit in the amount of $1,000.00 (USD) in the form of a certified check (bank draft not acceptable) money order, or personal check (drawn on U.S. banks only); you can make the payments at Student Accounting located at the Administration Bldg Third floor. Another payment option can be made by the Tuition Management Systems (TMS). You can access TMS website directly at or call 1(800) 722-4867. This deposit is credited towards the first semester’s tuition and does not apply to the housing application fee. The I-20 form will only be processed once the payment has been made.


In the event of a student's inability to secure an F-1 visa, $100.00 of the tuition deposit is nonrefundable. The request for the deposit refund must be submitted in writing and can only be made by the applicant. The applicant may designate another person to receive the refund. No exceptions to this refund policy will be considered.


Step 4: SEVIS fee and F-1 visa applications for students abroad or changing status in the U.S.

New applicants or applicants reapplying for F-1 student status need to pay for the SEVIS I-901 fee. The SEVIS fees by credit card payments can be made at . For more information, please visit or contact 1 (314) 418 8833 (United States Country Code 011).
Once the SEVIS fee payment has been made, you may now proceed to the U.S. embassy and apply for an F-1 visa to travel to the United States.

Step 5: Register for classes and Attend Orientations

Once you come to campus, you need to stop by the International Student Services office located in CAS Room 121 to remove the student hold that has been placed on your account. Students will receive an invitation from their respective Admissions Office regarding the time and date as to when and where you can register for classes. Registrations may be done online using your KeanWise username and password.


It is mandatory for international students to attend the International Immigration Orientation before their first semester in Kean University. The Office of the International Student Services will mail an invitation along with the orientation package. Freshmen, Transfer, and Second degree students will receive information from the Center for Academic Success regarding the New Student Orientation, which you are required to attend as well.



Certificate of Finance

Sponsors must submit official documentation as evidence of ability to support the international applicant.  The required documentation includes bank statements, proof of employment and official verification of annual salary.  These must be official copies, photocopies are not acceptable.  Real Estate property value statements should not be submitted as they cannot be utilized as evidence in support of ability to finance. 
All documents submitted must support your ability or the sponsor’s ability to pay tuition and fees.  Please refer to the website for the tuition and fees for the current year. All statements must reflect United States currency conversions.  Statements not reflecting United States currency conversions will be returned. Statements should also be no older than six months.

On-Campus Housing

Your admission to Kean University does not guarantee on-campus housing. You must contact the Office of Residence Life for to apply for housing. Applicants who require on-campus housing must return the housing application and the $125 housing application fee directly to the Office of Residence Life. The housing application fee must be in the form of a check or money order in United States currency and cannot be combined with the $1000 tuition deposit. For more information about on-campus housing, please visit or call 908-737-6800.

Freshman International Students are required to take an ACCUPLACER Computerized placement test upon their arrival at Kean and prior to registration. This test is designed to provide your academic advisor with information about your skills in the English language and mathematics. The result of this test will be used to advise you in the selection of coursework. The Center for Academic Success “General Education Program” will send you information regarding testing dates.
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