Parking Permits

Kean University Online Parking Permit Request Site User Agreement

By using this online parking permit request site to apply for a parking decal, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions.  Applying and obtaining a parking decal allows you to park your registered vehicle on Kean University property.  Providing false information may result in the suspension of parking privileges.

*Before you apply for your parking decal, please make sure your address is updated in the system. Students must contact the Office of the Registrar, and Faculty and Staff must contact the Office of Human Resources to update the address.

Parking Decal Registration Instructions

After reading these instructions, click on the link at the bottom of this page for Students, Faculty and Staff.

A new page will open up asking for User ID and Last Name


1. Enter your seven digit Kean ID for User ID. For example: 0123456

2. Enter your Last Name and Click on Request Permit

3. Verify your information and click Continue

4. Select your correct address and click Proceed

5. Select your Vehicle and click Proceed
If your vehicle is already listed, select the vehicle and click Proceed
If your vehicle is not listed, click on add, and provide your vehicle information, follow screen instructions.
6. Please make sure you enter all information correctly. After this process, your decal will be issued for the vehicle that you list here.  Once decals are issued, the vehicle description cannot be changed. To make changes, contact the Office of Student Accounting at 908-737-3240.

7. Click on Request Permit on next screen

8. Select your status from the drop down list under Decal Type as follows:
Resident Student: If you are currently residing on campus or will be residing on campus.
Commuter Student: If you are currently residing off campus or will be residing off campus.
Faculty/Staff: If you are a Kean employee.
Important: Make sure you select the appropriate decal type as failure to do so will result in a processing delay or denial of your request.
9. Select All Lots for Parking Lots and No Fee for Payment Options.

10. Click on Continue

11. Verify your information again and click on Submit Transaction.

You may click on Go Back if you need to correct any of your information.

12. Please print receipt for your records. Decal will be mailed to you within 3-5 business days. Please allow time for mail delivery. Click on QUIT once you are done with your transaction.

Decals MUST be placed in the lower left driver side back windshield and should remain clearly visible.

Requirements and Restrictions

Freshman resident students may not have vehicles on campus unless a letter requesting approval is forwarded to the Office of Residence Life, located in Whiteman Hall, with supporting documentation from medical personnel or employers.

The issuance of a permit does not guarantee a parking space.

Any person who has a handicap license plate or handicap hang tag must have a Kean University decal also in order to park on campus. 

Any person requesting a medical permit must also have a Kean University decal. A doctor’s note must be presented to Health Services (Downs Hall -DN 126 K) who will fax an approval to the parking office. The medical permit can be picked up any time after that in the Administration building on the 3rd floor. 


For all questions, please contact Kean University Student Accounting Office at 908-737-3240. Please refer to the Parking Regulations for full guidelines.



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Office of Student Accounting

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Tel: 908-737-3240
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