University Planning Council

Membership 2013 - 2014


Suzanne Bousquet

Acting Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences


Joy Moskovitz

Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs


Charles Anderson

Professor, Economics

Wenzhou Kean

George Arasimowicz

Dean, College of Visual and Performing Arts

Faculty Senate Appointment 

Linda Cahir

Assistant Professor, Middle and Secondary Education

Faculty Senate Appointment

James Castiglione

KFT President; Department of Chemistry and Physics

Philip Connelly

Executive Vice President of Operations

Joseph Cronin

Managing Assistant Director, Research and Sponsored Programs

James Drylie

Executive Director, Criminal Justice

Faculty Senate Appointment 

Phyllis Duke

Director, Facilities and Campus Planning 

Tracie Feldman

Managing Assistant Director, Campus Planning

Kimberly Fraone

Associate Director, Library

Terry Golway

Liberty Hall and Department of History

Kathleen Mary Henderson

KUAFF President; Department of Physical Education, Recreation and Health

Sophia Howlett

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs 

Patrick Ippolito

Associate Professor, Elementary Education & Bilingual Education

Faculty Senate Chairperson

Audrey Kelly

Executive Director, Media and Publications

Ian Klein

Associate Director, Office of Accreditation and Assessment

Ex Officio Member

Steven Kubow

Director, Center for Academic Success 

Kerrin Lyles

Director, University Center

Joseph Marinello

Director, Information Technology

Barry Mascari

Chairperson and Associate Professor, Department of Counselor Education

Faculty Senate Appointment

Patricia Morreale

Department of Computer Science

Faculty Senate Appointment 

Janice Murray-Laury

Vice President of Student Services

Steven Pinto

IFPTE President and Office of Facilities

Andrew Rettberg

CWA President and Office of Facilities

Carla S. Willis

Vice President of Institutional Advancement 

Shiji Shen

Director, Institutional Research

Ex Officio Member

Adam Shubsda

Associate Director, Public Safety – Police

Jeffrey Toney

Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Veysel Yucetepe

Director, Global MBA

Faculty Senate Appointment

Maria Zamora

Assistant Professor, Department of English

Faculty Senate Appointment

Student Members:

Ana Claro

Graduate Student Representative

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