Kean University Behavioral Intervention Team

The Kean University Behavioral Intervention Team (KUBIT) is a multidisciplinary team that meets regularly to serve five major functions for the University:

  • Provide consultation, education, and support to faculty, staff, and administration in assisting students who display disconcerting or unusual behaviors;
  • Gather information to assess situations involving students who display disconcerting or disruptive behaviors;
  • Recommend appropriate intervention strategies;
  • Connect students with needed campus and community resources; and
  • Monitor ongoing behavior of students who have displayed disruptive or disconcerting behavior.

KUBIT is not responsible for emergencies. If there is an immediate threat to a student (either through self-harm or interpersonal violence) or the community, please call the Kean University Department of Public Safety and Police at 908-737-4800 or dial 9-1-1. If you believe a student is in need of immediate psychological help, you may call the Kean University Counseling Center, located in Downs Hall room 127, for consultation or to report the incident at 908-737-4850.


Make a Referral When:

  • The problem is more serious than you are comfortable handling.
  • You have talked with the student already and you feel that he or she may need more assistance.
  • The student admits there is a problem, but doesn’t want to talk to you about it.
  • The student asks for information or assistance that you are unable to provide.
  • Feeling uncomfortable about student’s comments or concern about student’s ability to function
  • Feeling alarmed or frightened


Referral Identifiers:

Student distress may manifest in behavior or in the reaction the behavior elicits in others. If you notice any of the following behaviors, the Distressed Student Resource Guide will assist you in responding to the student and providing appropriate referrals.


What to look for:

  • Suicidal actions or self-injury
  • Verbal or written references to suicide
  • Statements regarding having a weapon on campus
  • Threats about harming self or others
  • Erratic behavior (including online activities) that disrupts the mission and/or normal proceedings of university students, faculty, or staff
  • Involuntary transport to the hospital for substance use/abuse
  • Involuntary transport to the hospital for mental health issues
  • Any pattern of odd behaviors that may pose a threat to safety
  • Behavioral or emotional changes
  • Withdrawal
  • Change in hygiene or appearance
  • Decline in academic performance
  • Excessive or inappropriate anger
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Bizarre thoughts or behavior

You are encouraged to report any incident that is of concern to you.

The Distressed Student Resource Guide - RESPONSE OPTIONS
Is there danger to self or others?

Yes, or student needs immediate medical or psychiatric attention No or not sure, but I am concerned No, but student is having academic or personal issues







Refer student to appropriate campus support services:


To make a referral, complete the online incident form found on the KUBIT website under ‘Report Individual Behavior.’ You will be asked for basic information about the student, for your contact information (in case the team has follow-up questions), and for a description of the incident or behaviors that prompted the referral. If you have any questions please contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs at 908-737-7080.


What Happens Next?

The student you refer will be given the support and assistance they need by University and community resources. The primary purpose of the team is to offer strategies for mitigating emergent or crisis situations involving students. Depending on the actions of the student, and following a review of the information presented appropriate University or community-based referrals may be required.



There are often questions and confusion about the limitations and allowances of FERPA in conjunction with the reporting of concerning student behavior. FERPA pertains to the privacy of educational records, but it does not prohibit the reporting of observable behavior. If you are concerned about a personal interaction you have had with a student or an observation you have made pertaining to behavior, you are encouraged to report and/or consult with appropriate faculty or staff, especially as it relates to the educational mission of the University.



The KUBIT is composed of representatives from critical areas of the University campus community which includes:

Janice Murray-Laury
Vice President for Student Affairs

Maximina Rivera
Assistant Vice President, Office of Residential Student Services
(Serves as KUBIT Chair)

Dr. Andrew Lee
Director, Office of Counseling and Disability Services

Melissa Scott
Director, Office of Community Standards and Student Conduct

Lori Purwin
Director, Health Services


Ad Hoc Members

Joy Moskovitz
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Charlie Williams
Director, Affirmative Action Programs

The KUBIT employs the services of a consultant as needed. Additional members from the campus community are included in meetings of the KUBIT as necessary.

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