Humanities & Social Sciences Mission and SLOs

College of Humanities and Social Sciences Mission and Vision Statements:

The mission of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences is to support students, faculty and the staff in the pursuit of programs that utilize their inquisitive and insightful minds and their appreciation for a rich cultural understanding of the world in which they live. The College of Humanities and Social Sciences will ensure that all programs are reviewed systematically and are consistent with the mission of the university. The curriculum and delivery will meet the highest levels of thought processed and intellectual capabilities of the teacher- scholar model with education that imparts knowledge and skills that give more to a student’s life. The College of Humanities and Social Sciences provides leadership in the liberal arts education of all KeanUniversity students.

Graduates from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, within the fields of Communication, English, History, Economics, Political Science, Sociology and Psychology emerge from Kean University as well-rounded, intellectually strong job candidates who are highly competitive in today’s job market. The majors available in the College promote three elements essential for success in the job market: creativity, critical thinking and communication.

Our Vision and Goals for 2012-2020

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences will assess all programs annually to assure that the curriculum is forward thinking and rigorous with appropriate professional development for faculty and staff. Faculty will be evaluated annually based on teacher-scholar model consistent with university mission and the requirements of professional and academic programs. Inherent in the elements of our outcomes described below are the fundamentals of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences plan for achieving our vision by the end of the decade.

Through its schools/ departments, this college will ensure that:

1. All degree-granting programs meet its learning outcomes.

2. Faculty are continually engaged in research, pedagogy improvement and provides adequate student academic support.

3. All units assess their programs, curricula and learning support outcomes annually.

4. University instructional resources (classrooms, labs libraries, etc.) are used effectively and efficiently.

5. Adequate staff and instructional resources are allocated to the division.

KU Student Outcomes (KU): Kean University graduates should be able to:

1. Think critically, creatively and globally;

2. Adapt to changing social, economic, and technological environments;

3. Serve as active and contributing members of their communities; and

4. Advance their knowledge in the traditional disciplines (GE) and enhance their skills in professional areas

**General Education Student Learning Outcomes

Knowledge (GE-K): Students will demonstrate proficiency in knowledge and content by:

(K1) applying the scientific method to comprehend natural concepts and processes;

(K2) evaluating major theories and concepts in social sciences;

(K3) relating historical references to literature; and

(K4) evaluating major theories and concepts in the fine arts.


Skills (GE-S): Students will demonstrate the skills necessary to:

(S1) write to communicate and clarify learning;

(S2) communicate effectively through speech;

(S3) solve problems using quantitative reasoning;

(S4) think critically about concepts in multiple disciplines; and

(S5) show information literacy

Values (GE-V): Students will demonstrate personal, social and ethical responsibility as a part of lifelong learning through:

(V1) personal responsibility;

(V2) ethical & social responsibility;

(V3) active in social & civic engagement;

(V4) respect for diverse culture; and

(V5) lifelong learning

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