The Department of History is one of Kean University's oldest programs of study and has been a part of the instructional component of the institution since its inception in 1855.

It is the belief of the faculty of the department that every student should meet basic standards of historical literacy before they graduate. This includes insights into cultures and problems of civilizations, the whole and the interaction of the parts, an understanding of human groupings countries, religions, civilizations-which have generated the emotions, symbols, and values of contemporary life, and an appreciation of complex causes of the rise and fall of societies, and the underlying realities of leadership, social class and power.

History can and should encourage a sense of proportion about life and provide us all with the relative scale of our own rather brief moment here and how incredibly valuable that really is. If done properly, history can encourage and inspire tolerance and mutual understanding and help to bring about a more just place in which to live. History can show us how to behave, or at the very least, how not to behave. It can teach us what to believe in and what to stand for. At its core, the lessons of history are lessons of appreciation. Everything we have, all of our great institutions, universities, libraries, cities, our laws, music, poetry, our technology, our freedoms and opportunities, everything is because someone went before us and did the very hard work which was needed, provided the creative genius, gave us a civic belief structure. No one can afford to ignore that.

Critical thinking, communications across cultures and gender, writing and reasoning all need historical literacy to provide them with an important societal context.

The Department of History believes that the study of history is at the heart of the interactive mission of the University and is one of its most important and vital academic assets. Please learn more about our department by visiting our department website, click here


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