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B.A. in Art Education

The Art Education Program at Kean University offers a distinctive, intensive and intellectually challenging experience leading to k-12 Art Teacher Certification in New Jersey. A strong studio preparation is augmented by an academic study of the psycho-intellectual origins of artistic expression as they unfold within the growing individual. The program is reading and writing intensive and seeks serious, academically strong students who demonstrate the capacity to translate conceptual thinking into an informed, vivified, and highly structured pedagogical practice. The department also offers post-baccalaureate and M.A Programs in art education with teacher certification. Interested students should obtain a program guide sheet from the Fine Arts Department as soon as possible.

Admission to the Art Education Program is competitive. Interested students are strongly advised to schedule an appointment with the Program Coordinator to apply for provisional admission as early as possible in freshman year. High school seniors are encouraged to arrange a preliminary interview prior to entering Kean University. Studio courses in Drawing I and II, Color Theory, and 2-D Design should be taken alongside General Education requirements in freshmen year to properly develop the basic skills needed for eventual fieldwork. Program application/interview requirements are as follows: A cumulative GPA of 3.00 or above, proficiency in academic writing, a developing studio portfolio, and evidence of dialogic/communication skills. Entering undergraduate students must also obtain passing scores on Praxis I, to be taken during (or soon after) freshman year.

M.a. in Fine Arts Education


The Master of Arts in Fine Arts Education, Studio Option is designed primarily for individuals interested in advanced work in studio arts. Opportunities will be provided for exploration in a range of studio areas but emphasis will be placed upon advanced study in a creative field in which the student the student has demonstrated prior competency.

The Master of Arts in Fine Arts Education, Certification Option, is designed for students who have undergraduate preparation and demonstrated competence in the studio arts and wish to secure New Jersey K-12 Teaching Certification in Art. The program's philosophical approach is rooted in developmental psychology and supported by contemporary research in the field. The program prepares future educators to engage in conceptual thought about learning in the visual arts and translate this understanding into an active and vivified classroom practice. To achieve this goal, students continue to develop a strong studio praxis which is augmented by an academic study of the psychological origins of artistic expression as they exist within the growing individual. All prospective students are strongly urged to contact the program director as soon as possible* to discuss interview/admission requirements, identify a course of studies, and ensure a timely placement in required fieldwork. (Note: Individuals may interview prior to applying for admission into Kean University).

The Master of Arts in Fine Arts Education, Art Supervision Option is designed for certified art teachers who desire additional background for career advancement as well as certification for supervisory positions.

B.a. in Art History

The B.A. in Art History is a liberal arts major which focuses on understanding and interpreting the visual arts within historical contexts. Skills developed in this program of study include knowledge and appreciation of various Western and non-Western cultures and their arts. Also stressed are awareness of the creative process in the arts, written and oral communication, critical and creative thinking, and the relationship between the arts and other humanities. This major provides students with the foundation necessary for graduate study and for careers requiring a background in art history such as work in galleries and museums.

The study of a foreign language is required for all majors. Also, additional courses in the humanities and in museum training are strongly recommended, especially for students who intend to pursue graduate study.

B.a. in Fine Art

The B.A. in Fine Arts is a program designed for those interested in fine arts with a liberal arts background. Emphasis is on the study of art history, studio foundations, and various applications of art.

B.F.A. in Studio Art*

The B.F.A. in Studio Art is an intensive professional program, which allows for the greatest specialization in Studio Art. Concentrations are available in: Painting/Drawing/Illustration, Sculpture, Printmaking, Furniture/Woodworking, Ceramics, Metals/Jewelry, Fibers, Computer /Video Art

The B.F.A. Studio Art: Photography Option has been designed to provide students with comprehensive technical and aesthetic training in photography necessary for initial employment within the field.

*Students applying for our Fine Arts BFA programs are required to submit a portfolio of 10-15 samples of their work including sketches, observational drawing and works in color. Three-dimensional work, photographs, prints, digital work or mixed media may also be included.

Portfolios may be delivered in person to the Fine Arts Department or submitted digitally on CD and mailed. Please include a checklist of works submitted including your name, phone number, title, medium and date of creation.

Please deliver or mail to :
Portfolio/Admissions Review
Department of Fine Arts
Kean University
1000 Morris Ave
Vaughn Eames Hall, Room 403
Union, NJ 07083

executive director:
DR. George Arasimowicz


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