Course Descriptions - Communication Disorders & Deafness

CDD 1101 American Sign Language I
Introductory course to American Sign Language includes exposure to and practice with ASL terms, concepts, fingerspelling, linguistic structures and cultural norms; emphasis on vocabulary, visual/ gestural/structural components and interactions in the Deaf community.
[NOTE: In order to fulfill a program's foreign language requirement, CDD 1102, American Sign Language II, must also be taken.]

CDD 1102 American Sign Language II


A continuation of Basic American Sign Language, Includes exposure to and practice with ASL linguistics and paralinguistics. Emphasis on developing grammatical competence in both receptive (visual) and expressive (manual) communication forms. Field interactions required.

Prerequisites: Basic American Sign Language I 



CDD 2251 Introduction to Speech Language Hearing Disorders
Orientation to the field of speech pathology, audiology and education of the hearing impaired: overview of communication and disorders of communication in individuals of all ages. Consideration of nature, etiology, symptoms, remediation of both organic and neurogenic disorders of speech, language and hearing.

CDD 2254 Phonetics
Study of the sound patterns of language, phonetic transcription, acoustic and anatomic aspects: application to disorders of articulation and dialects.
Prerequisite: CDD 2251

CDD 2255 Language Development
A study of the linguistic and psychological bases of the speech and hearing processes. The ontogenetic and phylogenic development of speech as a communication tool, implications for the study of speech in psychology, semantics and thought.

CDD 2260 Anatomy and Physiology of the Ear and Speech Mechanism
Study of the basic structures and functions of the speech and auditory mechanism.


Language and culture of the Deaf community in North America continued. Includes advanced linguistic structures, ASL idioms, and issues affecting this population. Interaction with members of the Community required.


CDD 3258 Disorders of Speech Production and Voice
Study of the nature, etiology, diagnosis and remediation techniques associated with disorders of speech production and voice. Case studies and guided observations in a variety of clinical settings.
Prerequisites: CDD 2251, 2254, 2260.

CDD 3259 Basic Audiology
An introduction to the theory and practice of pure tone and speech audiometry. Interpretation of audiograms for education, medical and industrial applications.
Prerequisite: CDD 2260.

CDD 3260 Disorders of Language and Communication
Study of the nature, etiology, diagnosis and remediation techniques associated with language and communication disorders. Case studies and guided observations in a variety of clinical settings.
Writing Emphasis Course.
Prerequisites: CDD 2251, 2254, 2260.

CDD 3261 Speech Science
Instruction in the anatomy and physiology of the speech production mechanism and the acoustics of speech. Normal speech production is studied through the use of computerized speech measurement equipment.
Prerequisite: CDD 2260.

CDD 3262 Aural Rehabilitation
An introduction to the impact of hearing loss on speech and language development, communication, education, and psycho-social development. Practical experience developing aural rehabilitation/habilitation programs and with technological aids for the hearing impaired.
Prerequisite: CDD 3259.

CDD 3267 Hearing Science
Instruction to acoustics and instruction in anatomy, physiology, and psychology of hearing. The detection and analysis of the attributes of sound, by the ear and central auditory system and how these psycho-physical processes apply to speech perception are studied.
Prerequisite: CDD 3261

CDD 3269 Neuroscience in Speech and Hearing
Study of the neuroanatomical and neurophysiological underpinnings of speech, language and hearing processing abilities.
Prerequisites:  CDD 2251, 2260, 3259

CDD 3270 Developmental Phonology
Study of the theories of phonological development, phonological processes, application to disorders of articulation and dialects.
Prerequisites: CDD 2251.

CDD 4269 Clinical Professional Issues in Speech-Language Pathology
Seminar for senior level speech language hearing science students related to clinical and professional issues. Collaboration with allied professional and clinical supervision also are addressed.

CDD 4274 Computer Technology for Pre-Professionals in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
Framework for implementing technology in educational, professional and research settings and culminates in the development of an electronic portfolio for the speech language hearing major.
Prerequisites: CDD 2251, 2254, 2255.
CDD 4275 Pre-Professional Speech-Language Pathology/ Audiology: Preparing for a Career
Capstone course in speech language hearing science program. Synthesis of theoretical and clinical knowledge, skills, and dispositions of the student preparing for enrollment in a graduate program of speech language pathology or audiology in the pursuit of lifelong learning.
Prerequisites: Completion of all  General Education and Additional Liberal Arts requirements and all academic major course work.

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