Community Standards and Student Conduct Q & A

What is the Student Code of Conduct?

The Student Code of Conduct is a document outlining the core values and principles that contribute to an environment where a student can grow intellectually and develop as a person.


What are our core values?

Our shared values include integrity, community, fairness, respect, and responsibility.


Who is responsible for the Student Code of Conduct?

Student members of the University community and visitors are responsible for the code.


How do you report a violation?

Complaints against a student or groups of students may be made by anyone who thinks the Code has been violated. A complaint must be made in writing to the Office of Student Conduct within a reasonable amount of time. Code violations that are also against the law should be reported to Campus Police.


What is the Student Conduct Process?

When a complaint is made in writing or a campus police report is received by the Office of Student Conduct there is an initial investigation. Informal conferences may be scheduled with the complainant (the person who files the complaint or is the victim), witnesses or other persons who may be directly involved. If the Director, of the Office of Student Conduct determines there was a violation of the Code, the accused student will be notified of the complaint. Depending on the nature of the alleged violation, there will be a Student Conduct Conference or a Student Conduct Hearing.


Is this a Court of Law?

No, the student conduct process is separate from the legal system but students may be accountable to both civil authorities and to the University for acts that violate the law and this Code.

What is a Student Conduct Conference?

The Director of the Office of Student Conduct holds a Student Conduct Conference with the accused student. This meeting includes information about the student hearing process; the violation and discussion of the accused student’s statement; information provided to date; and the opportunity to admit or deny responsibility for the Code violation. As a result of this meeting, the director can take action on the case. Action may include dismissing all charges, imposing a remedy or sanction, or referring the case to a Student Conduct Hearing or another area of the University for review.

What is a Student Conduct Hearing?

When a serious charge has occurred or there is no resolution at a Student Conduct Conference, a Student Conduct Hearing is scheduled. The complainant and accused student are notified by mail of the charges, their rights and the conduct of the hearing. The hearing is closed to all members of the campus and outside community except for those directly involved in the case. Both the complainant and the accused student may have an advisor or legal counsel to advise only. Witnesses may be called by both parties and questioned. The hearing officer will give the accused student written results within seven (7) business days.


Can a decision be appealed?

Yes, a decision from a Student Conduct Hearing may be appealed within three (3) days of receipt of the notice. Grounds for appeal are outlined in the Code. In the case of suspension or expulsion, the accused student can choose to appeal to the Vice President of Student Affairs or the Appeals Board.

What are remedies and sanctions for violation of the Student Code of Conduct?

The remedies or sanctions can range from a warning to suspension or expulsion from the University.

How is the Student Code of Conduct part of the Educational Experience?

The student conduct process upholds community values. When members of the community fail to exemplify these values, campus conduct proceedings are used to assert and uphold the Code. Often the remedy or sanction for an accused student will include an educational or service component. 

Remedies or Sanctions may include:

  • Community Service 
  • Drug and Alcohol Counseling
  • Personal Counseling
  • Conflict Mediation
  • A paper, presentation, or project reflecting the nature of the violation

Appeals Board

Kean University students who serve on the Appeals Board receive experience in a variety of areas including: the decision making process; the student conduct process and the application of procedures and policies at the University.

Where is the complete Student Code of Conduct?

The complete Student Code of Conduct is located online. It can be viewed by clicking here or contacting the Office of Student Conduct at (908) 737-5240.


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