Athletic Training - FAQs

Q. Can I pursue the Program and play sports at the same time?

A. Due to the complexity of the Program, students can participate in sports but it will take a minimum of 5 years.

Q. What will my status be if I transfer from another college?

A. All transfer students must meet with the Program Director to determine their placement status. Transfer students wishing to transfer courses intended to fulfill specific Athletic Training course requirements must have those courses evaluated by the Program Director. Any such course must satisfy all the same competencies in the course offered by Kean University. General Education courses will be evaluated by the Office of the Dean of the College of Education. Clinical experiences will also be reviewed by the Program Director and the Clinical Education Coordinator. These must be documented and must have been under the direct supervision of an BOC Certified Athletic Trainer. As stated in the undergraduate catalog, a minimum of 32 degree credits including 1/2 of major requirements, must be earned at Kean. 
Q. Is there financial aid available ?

A. The Program has no direct financial support for students at this time. Students who qualify can get financial support through the Office of Financial Aid. Scholarships are available through affiliated professional organizations but a student must qualify and then earn these awards. It is very important that students understand this and it is more important that their parents understand the need for their full support during the students sophomore, junior and senior years.


Q. What is the passing rate on the BOC Certification Exam of Kean University graduates?

A. The overall passing rate on the BOC Certification Exam since its inception in 1981 is 89%. Since the last accreditation (2009) the passing rate is 95%.



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